Our workshops are not just designed for children – they can also be informative and practical for adults that are facing a range of challenges and looking for solutions. Engaging with adults is particularly rewarding because they have the ability to implement immediate changes at home that can benefit their families economically as well as protect the environment. In particular, our sessions are targeted at populations that are dealing with fuel poverty or looking for ways to reduce their food bills.

What can EcoACTIVE do for you?

Coffee Mornings: For adult groups EcoACTIVE can run coffee mornings on topics such as waste prevention, water and energy. We can also bring an interactive stall along to your event or group.

Closer Neighbourhoods Project: If you are looking for something a bit more in-depth EcoACTIVE has teamed up with the PACT project to deliver part of the Closer Neighbourhoods project in the Manor House area. Closer Neighbours Teams are ideally about five to eight people that come together to work through the programme of five meetings, which will be facilitated by a member of the EcoACTIVE team.

Teams can be formed in a variety of ways e.g
– Neighbours can set up a team from their street, estate or balcony
– Organisations such as TRAs, neighbourhood watch or faith groups can reach out to their members to form teams
– recruitment of like minded individuals can be done by email, putting up a poster in a local library. Be creative; all ideas are welcome!

If you are interested in participating please get in touch

Past projects

We often team up with schemes and initiatives targeted at low-income or otherwise vulnerable populations, and we aspire for our sessions to contribute to an improved quality of life for these groups. We have also worked with disadvantaged populations such as adults with developmental disabilities. We strongly believe that everyone should have access to information about sustainability and be empowered to be a leader.

Environmental themes can be made comprehensible for any group and it is inspiring to see the level of awareness and concern that already exists and what can be accomplished by engaging with disadvantaged populations on these topics. For such groups we can adapt our classroom sessions or develop something that is more customised to your needs.

These can be as varied as your interests, and in the past couple of years have included things as diverse as over-50s weaving, to recycle old clothing into a theatre backdrop and wall hanging, Cool the Planet courses to help families overcome fuel poverty, take charge of their energy use and reduce their waste, and coffee mornings to raise awareness about sustainability in community groups and places of work.

So whatever your needs and however creative your ideas, get in touch and have a chat with ecoACTIVE about how we can help.


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What can we do for you?

Give us a ring on 020 8510 0113 or email us the booking form to find out what we can do with your group to explore creativity and sustainability together!