Coffee mornings

The innovative and engaging activities that we run in schools and with youth groups go a long way towards informing a new generation of the environmental challenges that face us all, and equipping them with some tools to help.

But without the support and interest of your wider family, it can be difficult to change things at home. ecoACTIVE has come up with an approach that can help: coffee mornings with parents and carers during the school day, with informal discussions and workshop activities to let families know what their children have been learning about at school.

By doing these coffee mornings – currently focused mainly on energy and fuel poverty, but they could be on any issue around sustainability – we hope to learn more about the issues that might get in the way of families making changes to their lifestyle, as well as develop greater understanding and co-operation between parents and children.

Practical changes are always possible if the whole family is on-board – we can all save energy and water, make compost, grow vegetables or recycle more if we do it together.


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