10x Greener

ecoACTIVE and Friends of the Earth teamed up to make our neighbourhood 10x greener.

Families and communities are outside, working together to make London greener.

What is 10x Greener?

The 10x Greener project was set up in February 2018 by Friends of the Earth and Daniel Raven Ellison, founder of the London National Park City initiative.

ecoACTIVE was chosen to work on the project in partnership with the Innovation team at Friends of the Earth. The location was chosen as London, E5. This project aimed to transform our streets and public-facing gardens, making them more appealing and welcoming for wildlife and nature, and increasing biodiversity in our cities.

In May 2018 - 10x Greener hit their crowdfunding target of £7,500! 

Local residents contributed to the crowdfunder campaign to appoint the first ever 'postcode gardener' in the country, Kate Poland. Kate spent 2019 working alongside residents in the E5 area to ‘green up’ the public-facing areas. Front gardens, tree-pits and other under-used spaces were tackled, making them better for wildlife and much nicer for the whole community. An abandoned car park is now a green oasis, and grey spaces are filled with colour.

The result is a sight to behold: the green spaces have been brought to life and they've brought insects and birds into the streets. Read more in this feature from The National Trust.


The 10x Greener project has...

  • Strengthened neighbourly bonds and brought together a community like never before.
  • Opened residents’ eyes to all the small spaces on streets that can be turned green.
  • Created a new energy in the community and been a catalyst for local environmental action.
  • Encouraged people to relate to their streets in a fresh way.

See the Results10x greener BBC

The 10x Greener project on Daubeney Road featured in an episode of the BBC programme ‘Cities: Nature’s New Wild’, which aired on the 13th January 2019. The programme revealed that 75% of children in the UK spend less time outdoors than prisoners. The 10 x Greener project succeeded in encouraging children and families to enjoy being outdoors and create new active communities focused on biodiversity and nature.

Check out the BBC documentaries


Kate Poland, the UK's first postcode gardener said:

“10xGreener is an exciting way to make our streets and estates far better for nature and people. You don’t need to be a dedicated gardener to get involved.

Residents can come together and work with experts to make real differences to the community.

There are some simple and practical ways to make a front garden look great and provide a real boost for nature. Do this across a community and suddenly our towns and cities start to look and feel different.

Even a little gardening can provide big physical and mental benefits – so it’s a win for everyone.”


To find out more about this project, please email us.