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Why not get ecoACTIVE involved to help kick-start your community project?


ecoACTIVE’s Community Gardens Project supports new and existing community gardening projects in Hackney and Newham.

The Project, funded by the Tudor Trust, City Bridge Trust and Postcode Local Trust, helps groups rejuvenate existing gardens and set up new initiatives across the two boroughs.

The benefits of community gardening

Engaging with our projects allows members of the community to work together to benefit everyone involved as well as spreading our influence throughout the wider community and the local environment. This can be particularly important in urban areas, as gardens provide residents with much-needed access to green space and an opportunity to grow and harvest fresh fruit and vegetables, get outdoors, meet neighbours, and get more familiar with local plants and wildlife.

Being outdoors, socialising, learning new skills and connecting more with the earth and the natural world can have a really positive effect on our mental and physical health and the way we interact with each other and the world around us.

What we do

The project aims to work with gardens at a point where they can develop with our support, helping the volunteers and groups that keep them going to transform and maintain the spaces they manage and to access the training and skills they need to be able to do this.

We tailor support to the needs of each group and space, focusing on future self-management and sustainability, building on existing skills and achievements and working together to develop flourishing community spaces. We have a modest budget to support physical improvements to the gardens - for example new beds, a shed, investments in plants or tools - but we also work to do all we can to support the groups and individuals involved to build skills and access training, including participation in relevant networks and community initiatives.

We are already working with some fantastic projects and are starting to engage with groups we're sure we'll be working with in years to come. We have found that additional support from the housing associations, tenant management organisations and others who work with these groups has helped to reinforce and embed our work, making it more sustainable. Please contact us if your group or a group you work with could benefit from this support from next year's growing season or beyond.

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about this project, please email our community garden coordinator Natasha Eve.

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