At ecoACTIVE we know the importance of assessing the impact of our work, so we have developed robust and thorough methods for monitoring our projects throughout the initiation, planning and delivery stages.

We also support young people to shape the projects they are involved in, so that they are given a voice and can become agents of change in their communities. Measuring our impact and learning from our beneficiaries is vitally important to ecoACTIVE, our staff, our community and our Funders. Here are six examples of projects where we have had a positive impact on those involved. If you would like any further information about our work and the differences we have made, please do get in touch.

Tackling Air Pollution

Through practical workshops, ecoACTIVE raises awareness about how to tackle air pollution.  

10x Greener

ecoACTIVE and Friends of the Earth teamed up to make our neighbourhood 10x greener.

Access to Nature Daubeney Fields

Improving Access to Nature EcoACTIVE Education ran a one year access to nature project aimed at helping more people access the natural environment…

Forest School

ecoACTIVE’s Forest School helps children improve their confidence, motivation and social skills ecoACTIVE runs Forest School sessions for children…

Powerful Plastics

Powerful Plastics: What’s it all about? Plastic, plastic everywhere, how useful you can be! Look outside the window… how many plastics can you see?

Waste Education Programme

How much do you know about waste? EcoACTIVE was commissioned by North London Waste Authority to run a waste education programme in 14 schools across…