ecoACTIVE's Mission Statement

Our Mission

“Creating resilient, empowered communities, acting to sustain our world”


ecoACTIVE is an innovative environmental education charity with a reputation for using hands-on, practical approaches to explore complex issues of sustainability. ecoACTIVE's mission is to create a world where young people and communities are agents of change for creating a better planet.

We design and deliver interactive, fun and engaging workshops to empower people to take meaningful action on sustainability. We create eye-opening experiences for children and adults alike, running workshops in schools, parks, community gardens, and with community groups and housing associations. 


Right now we need your help. In the Covid-19 crisis it's harder for us to reach children when they need us most. 

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An ecoACTIVE Community

We embrace the concept of “Think Global; Act Local”, by helping school and community groups to understand critical global issues and the small actions they can take to make a difference.

We invite you to join an active and supportive community by connecting with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. You may contact us through any of these means or through if you would like to book a workshop or have any questions or comments. It would be great to hear about the sustainability journey you are taking with your community.

If you would like to become one of our brilliant volunteers, please take a look at our Join Us page.  We are so lucky to have volunteers assisting during workshops, helping in the office and guiding the organisation as part of our Management Committee.

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Our community work is guided by our set of Values. They are:

Clarity - we communicate as clearly as possible, and help to translate sometimes complex issues to make them understandable and relevant

Change - we support sustainable behaviour changes and encourage new ideas 

Reflection - we monitor, review and learn from each other

Professional - we work in a professional manner, and respect those we engage

Inclusive - we include everyone and strive to promote diversity and equality

Passionate - we love what we do and inspire others to love their environment

Proactive - we look forward and plan for the future