Earth Education for Schools

Earth Education


At ecoACTIVE, we know how much young people care about the environment. We want them to understand the science behind environmental issues and we empower them to make a difference. We are unique and have decades of experience in the environmental sector.

"Connecting with nature lowers anxiety and improves children's mental health."

We build on children's knowledge and use that to empower them to design solutions for themselves.

Our sessions are interactive, practical and solution-focused, so that we can see the best results in a short time.


Pupils benefit from a greater understanding and engagement with their world.


Schools benefit from reducing waste and saving energy!


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Primary Schools - Your Options


During the current Covid-19 situation, we are offering your choice of  LIVE, ONLINE workshops, or ON-SITE VISITS.


Our Earth Education program for Primary schools is based around three important environmental themes.

Invite one of our specialist educators to visit your class to deliver one, two or all three topics. If you book more than one session, the second session could involve an off-site visit to your local green space to explore outdoors.

The topic themes to choose from are:


FOOD PROJECT (1 hour workshop)

Food should end up in our bellies, not in our bins! 

Let's learn about the journey our food makes when it's wasted, the impacts this has on our environment and discover creative ways to help. We'll meet the worms and see them in action recycling our food waste into compost. Using compost and wildflower seeds, we will make our very own seed balls, ready to be thrown outdoors to create more wild habitats in our community. 



Uncover Earth’s raw materials as we investigate where things come from and ways that we can reduce our impact on the environment. 

Let's follow our wheelie bins to their dirty destinations, learning about landfill, plastic pollution and incinerators along the way. We'll explore easy ways to reduce, reuse and recycle our waste and have a go teaching others by creating and showcasing our own homemade creations.


WILD CITY PROJECT (1 hour workshop)

Find out more about ecology and biodiversity in London. Learn the history of our city's green spaces, and how looking after wildlife can help our own wellbeing.

Prices from £170 per session


"The session was excellent with students and teacher highly engaged and motivated to reduce their impact on the environment." Kelly, Hackney


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Social Action Projects: We currently have funding to allow us to mentor groups of pupils aged 10-14 years, and help them set up and run their own social action projects.  What amazing ideas do your young people have to help reduce our impact on the planet? We can support them to make it happen.


Secondary Schools


With ecoACTIVE's support, your pupils can be part of the solution. Our secondary workshops are designed to develop:

problem-solving  |  cooperation  |  emotional intelligence  |  critical thinking

There are two core modules for secondary schools, then a choice of up to six additional sessions to really develop and extend the learning. 

Core - climate change and sustainability - issues and solutions

Options - consumption, food, energy, transport, waste, and citizenship


LONDON - WILD CITY (available as one-off or set of 3 sessions)

This project is for those who want a really in-depth look at the issues from a local London perspective. Things we'll explore in this project include:

History of our city's green spaces  |  Key historical figures who have made a difference  |  Ecology and biodiversity in Urban London

Changing behaviour and outlooks so we can support wildlife

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