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What will you make?

Nobody likes being stuck inside, so we've made some activities that give you a great excuse to get out and about in nature! You can follow our instructions to make a fantastic creation of your own, make something for a friend, or click the button at the bottom of the page to go on a nature hunt.

Nature Bookmark

We love making crafts using natural materials. Nature gives us so many options and ideas to get artistic.

One thing we love is nature, another is reading books! Reuse some old cardbord (from some packaging, or pizza cartons...), and collect natural objects that you want to stick to your bookmark. Don't pick flowers though, remember they make food for the bees! 

Nature Bookmark













Bees for flowers; flowers for bees

19 May 2020 was World Bee Day, the day we remember how important bees are for the survival of the planet.

Bees, along with other pollinators like butterflies, bugs, birds and bats, help plants reproduce. 70% of our vegetables and fruit are produced thanks to their great job, so humans need bees. Without them, we wouldn’t have so many other yummy foods.

But bees need our help. In London, where there is so much concrete, even a small pot of flowers can help. So whether you it’s in your garden or window box, on your balcony or any patch of earth you can find safely, let's help our bees!

Bees for flowers; flowers for bees

Biodiversity homes

Next week we celebrate BIODIVERSTY! That means celebrating life in all its forms. We need biodiversity, and need to protect habitats as much as possible and even create new ones to help different creatures survive.  

You can help by making something that provides shelter or extra food for creatures in your garden, balcony, or local green space.  

Think about what you can make for mini-beasts, birds and pond animals – something that provides protection from the weather or predators. Find a good spot to put it -somewhere safe, but close to water or food, if possible. 

Have a go at creating a natural home and send us a picture via email or twitter (#ecoMissionComplete)

Bio Homes









Build an indoor den

When we are outdoors at Forest School, we build cool dens with sticks, branches and anything we find in nature.

But when we're stuck indoors, building dens can be just as much fun as it is in the woods.

What can you find to build your indoor den? Get creative and use furniture, blankets, strings, pegs... whatever you think might make your shelter cosy and warm. Maybe you can invite your parents for tea in there and email or tweet us a picture! (#ecoMissionComplete).

Build an indoor den


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