Composting with children and with schools

Composting is often seen as the preserve of allotment holders, but it doesn’t need to be that way.  Schools generate a lot of food waste, and this can be put to good use on the increasing number of small school gardens that are springing up across London.

EcoACTIVE runs a range of composting workshops and activities, some of which are funded, to get children and schools (including kitchen staff) engaged in this essential bit of waste management.

Pupils at Walker Primary School got to grips with the different types of mini-beasts you can find in a compost heap through role play, finding out how useful compost is for biodiversity by creating compost food chains.  They all then had the chance to handle tiger worms – amazing creatures!

Year 3 and 4 pupils at London Fields Primary learnt about the different stages of composting and investigated ways of reducing food waste at school, and the lunchtime monitors at Shacklewell Primary set up their very own composting scheme!  Once they’d found out what can and can’t be composted, they sorted waste and learned how to manage a ‘Can-O-Worms’ wormery, feeding the tiger worms regularly to create beautiful compost and liquid food for the fruit and vegetables in their school garden.

It’s a great way of finding out about wildlife and cutting down your landfill!


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