Energy and Climate Change. What can you do about it?

The earth is warming up; it is being wrapped in blankets of pollution that are causing a world wide problem- climate change. Sea levels are rising and countries are suffering from droughts, floods, storms and heat waves. Humans and animals across the planet are already feeling the impact of climate change.

Climate change can be a complex idea to understand. Since the success of our previous projects, ecoACTIVE have been working on developing even more exciting missions to ‘Energise’ schools and communities.

Last year, thanks to the support of Sanctuary Housing, our Education Officers had a great opportunity to work with schools and community groups in the London Borough of Hackney. Through coffee mornings, workshops and assemblies, we were able to engage more than 200 local residents and encourage them to think green! That is a tremendous outcome and we were happy to help so many families reduce their energy, save the planet and save money!

Throughout the project, adults and children learned about how we produce and use energy, along with the consequences of releasing excess carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. By taking part in the different activities aimed at increasing awareness for climate change, many discovered that this problem is not just happening in the developing world or at the poles, but everywhere!

**download a free Energy audit home and Energy audit school sheet to find the causes of energy waste where you are . You can then get started on your ACTION PLAN to take big steps towards saving money and protecting the planet!**

So, what next?

EcoACTIVE are back with even more learning opportunities to help adults and children understand the importance of saving energy and protecting the planet (whilst saving a bit of money too!). In December 2012, Lewisham Council’s ‘Clean and Green’ programme funded assemblies for 6 local schools. We have had a very positive response, with pupils and teachers asking questions and considering the impact their own wasteful habits can have on the earth. Thank you, Lewisham, and well done to all the schools who have taken part so far!

This year, with the support of West Hackney Parochial, we are getting stuck into another brilliant scheme. We are working with a local primary school to offer the following activities and workshops:

Parent’s coffee mornings:

During four coffee mornings, parents and carers will find out…

– How to reduce energy bills but remain warm and comfortable at home

– Where to get help and advice with energy efficiency in their homes

– How to make the most of their heating without over spending

– About energy saving appliances and gadgets, for use at home

– How to carry out an energy review of the home

– How to understand electricity meters and monitor energy use

– How to understand energy bills better

– Where to get advice if they’re having problems with energy bills

They will also receive some freebies, to help them save energy at home.

Weather and Climate Sessions:

In school house groups (meaning pupils from across the school, in all year groups are able to work together and support each other), pupils take part in a selection of activities to help them investigate weather patterns and learn about how climate is changing around the world.

One-off Workshops for KS2:

Each KS2 class will be offered an energise workshop, during which they will find out about how to assess energy usage at school and home, and will carry out a review of a designated part of the school.  The information gathered will then feed into the campaign run by the school council to reduce the amount of energy being wasted.

School Council Sessions:

The school council will have three workshops, during which they will analyse the data collected by KS2, create an ACTION PLAN for saving energy at school, and run a campaign to raise awareness and help encourage behaviour change in the school and across the local community.

It is really inspiring to see young people taking responsibility for positive change. We are really excited to see this project progress, and look forward to working with everyone taking part.

If you would like more information about energy and climate change, or you are interested in the wide range of coffee mornings, assemblies and workshops on offer, please get in touch via or contact page – we would love to hear from you!



Energy and climate change workshops


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