working with children

All ecoACTIVE session leaders are recruited with care, and each and every one is experienced in working with young people.  Workshops are delivered by one of our two education officers, or an experienced lead session worker, accompanied by at least one session worker and one volunteer.

In accordance with our Child Safeguarding Policy, all our education officers and session workers as well as our established volunteers have current CRB checks, and new volunteers will have at least List 99 clearance if attending workshops.  We have completed the Hackney Safeguarding audit, and our policy is available on request.  Please also contact ecoACTIVE in advance of your session if you need us to provide risk assessments, photo-ID or DBS numbers.

In schools, a teacher should be present at all times during the workshop or project sessions.  Their active involvement helps you get the most out of the workshop, as most teachers follow up ecoACTIVE sessions with other activities to reinforce or develop learning.

We also ask teachers or group facilitators to tell us what they think by filling in a monitoring form.  It’s vital that we get feedback – it helps us deliver the right activities in a way that works for you!


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