In addition to our work in classrooms, the interactive sessions we deliver are also suitable for groups made up of young people aged 3 – 19.  From one-off holiday clubs and play schemes to more established youth clubs and after-school groups, ecoACTIVE creates and runs practical workshops that build skills, knowledge and understanding of environmental themes.

We work with groups of all sizes and background. We have provided sessions to community centres with 40+ children in attendance that span a wide age range. In such instances, we are often able to put on a number of activities simultaneously during one session and have the children rotate from activity to activity. We have also spent afternoons with small groups of families at local nurseries, where we have been able to deliver more one-on-one experiences.

ecoActive are able to engage kids outside of the regular classroom. Our sessions are fun, interactive, skills based, so they are perfect for extra-curricular youth groups. Where a group or community organisation has a specific focus on skills development or sustainability, we can explore issues more deeply.

You might like to choose from the normal range of workshops that we offer to schools, but we can also modify these to suit your group. We are also happy to work with you on developing new sessions if your groups is either at an advanced level or needs something that is very simple.

“I thought it was terrific and I wish I could do it again”

We have also worked with groups such as Brownies and Woodcraft Folk and helped older children develop work skills which will support them in their job search.  Take a look at our case studies to get some inspiration – and then give us a ring on 020 8510 0113 or complete and email back the booking form to get ecoACTIVE!


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Give us a ring on 020 8510 0113 or email us the booking form to find out what we can do with your group to explore creativity and sustainability together!