Getting creative at Morningside Youth Club

We are lucky enough to work with a wide range of amazing clubs, schools and other organisations helping young children learn, play and get back to work, and one that we’ve collaborated with this year is Morningside Youth Club.

During May half term, ecoACTIVE worked alongside Morningside youth workers and artist, Nina Gebauer, to help young people create a piece of art to adorn their new centre.  Each participant produced a self-portrait, decorating it with old fabric from unwanted clothing to create something unique and expressive about themselves and their relationship with the Youth Club.

On a different tack, the group were also taken on a ‘behind-the-scenes’ tour at the Arcola Theatre, who are local environmental pioneers in their attempt to make the theatre and its various activities carbon-neutral.  The young people from Morningside took part in an energy workshop looking at ways of making this possible, and then made their own ‘mood lamps’ which ran on energy created by reusing old mobile phone chargers.

So not only did they come up with some beautiful designs for their lamps but they also learned how to get creative with technology – a great (and sustainable) combination!



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