Earth Education

ecoACTIVE have developed an exciting new project available to schools starting in the Autumn Term 2019. Our experienced educators will be delivering EARTH EDUCATION sessions designed to develop confidence, encourage participation and critical thinking while broadening students’ understanding of local and global environmental concerns. 

Our topical workshops explore a range of key concepts through interactive, practical activities and discussion. Engaging students with issues of global significance such as climate change, consumerism and sustainability, our aim is to promote positive action, responsibility and empowerment. These themes support the national curriculum and hold relevance across many taught subjects suitable from EYFS to higher education. 

In the current state of climate emergency, the health of our planet is reliant on us having a greater understanding of the interdependence between people, places and the environment. Let ecoACTIVE join your school for a class, a half day or a full day take over - We are passionate about inspiring students, strengthening communities and empowering individuals to become ambassadors for change! 

Contact us to find out more information on lesson topics, prices and the different ways in which ecoACTIVE can benefit your school community. Workshops available throughout the UK.