10x Greener

Making our Cities Greener

ecoACTIVE have been working with Friends of the Earth Innovation team to coordinate the 10x Greener project in E5, an exciting innovative new project which has changed the face of the high street and public facing gardens, making them more appealing and welcoming wildlife and nature, and increasing biodiversity in our cities.

E5 residents have contributed to a crowd funder, to help pay for a ‘postcode gardener’, who is 2019 spent a year working alongside residents in the E5 area to ‘green up’ the public facing areas (front gardens, tree-pits, under-used spaces on streets), in order to make it better for wildlife and much nicer for the whole community! 


BBC Documentary

In early 2019, the BBC filmed some of the 10x Greener work being done on Daubeney Road and some of the footage is included in an episode of ‘Cities: Nature’s New Wild’ broadcast on BBC which aired on the 13th January 2019 at 9pm. The programme revealed that 75% of children in the UK spend less time outdoors than prisoners. The 10 x Greener project succeeded in encouraging children, families to enjoy being outdoors and create new active communities focused on biodiversity and nature. 


How can you get involved?

Kate Poland, the UK's first postcode gardener said “10xGreener is an exciting way to make our streets and estates far better for nature and people. You don’t need to be a dedicated gardener to get involved.

Residents can come together and work with experts to make real differences to the community.

There are some simple and practical ways to make a front garden look great and provide a real boost for nature. Do this across a community and suddenly our towns and cities start to look and feel different.

Even a little gardening can provide big physical and mental benefits – so it’s a win for everyone.”


To get involved please email e5postcodegardener@ecoactive.org.uk by clicking here.

Check out the BBC documentaries below.

10x greener BBC