Earth Education for Schools

Earth Education: Inspiring Sessions on Sustainability

At ecoACTIVE, we want young people to understand the science behind issues facing the environment and feel empowered to make a difference. 

We are unique in what we offer because we have unrivalled expertise in the subject of sustainability, the way we plan for progression so young people will see change for themselves, and our decades of experience in the environmental education sector.

All our sessions are interactive, practical and solution-focused. We will introduce key concepts about the topics, and then we will explore our feelings and psychological response to the content, so that pupils are able to feel empowered and motivated to design solutions and action plans. These can be implemented in their life at home or in school and bring real change.

During the current Covid-19 situation, we are offering a choice of LIVE, WEB-BASED workshops, or ON-SITE VISITS to your school or setting. 

Session lengths are usually 1 hour, but can be adapted to fit in with your school timetable. Online live sessions include activities carefully designed to engage pupils in this format.


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In the current state of climate emergency, the health of our planet depends on us understanding the importance of sustainability and the interdependence between communities and our planet. Young people today are very aware of the climate emergency and are eager to devise and implement their own effective adaptation strategies. With ecoACTIVE's support, they can be part of the solution. 

Sessions are designed to develop key skills such as problem-solving, cooperation, emotional intelligence, and critical thinking. 

The themes align with the national curriculum and hold relevance across many taught subjects suitable from EYFS to higher education. 

We are passionate about inspiring students, strengthening communities and empowering individuals to become ambassadors for change. 

Primary Schools - Your Options

Our Earth Education program for Primary schools consists of three workshops, each based around a different theme. Sessions are available either as a stand-alone, or in a bundle of up to three sessions per topic. The topic themes are:


Food is meant to end up in our bellies, not in our bins! Enjoy a journey back to where our food comes from, discovering fun and creative solutions to reduce waste along the way. We will learn why food is to taste, and not to waste!


Uncover Earth’s raw materials as we investigate where our materials come from and how we can reduce our impact on the world. Let's follow our wheelie bins to their dirty destinations, learning about landfill, plastic pollution, and the incinerator along the way. We will discover easy waste swaps to help our environment.


Explore the wonders of your local environment and plan your own creative ways to look after it.


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Secondary Schools - Your Options

You can choose to study either of the topic sets listed below, and each set consist of three sequential workshop sessions. Over the course of the three sessions students will cover all the key concepts in the list. 



This set of 3 sessions is planned around the following key concepts:

  • What is climate change
  • What are its causes
  • International bodies & agreements
  • Impacts of climate change 
  • How do we feel about it?
  • Why are we not solving it yet?
  • Action!


We will introduce the following key concepts throughout these 3 sessions:

  • Planetary limits
  • Carbon footprint
  • Sustainability
  • System thinking
  • Living a sustainable lifestyle
  • Green choices
  • Frame the solutions! 

SET 3: LONDON - WILD CITY (also available as a one-off session)

Topics covered include:

  • Ecology and biodiversity in London
  • Changing behaviour and outlook to support wildlife
  • A history of the city's green spaces
  • Key historical figures who have made a difference
  • Green spaces and wellbeing


Once you register interest in one or more of these topics, we will contact you to explore how sessions could be tailored to meet your requirements, and to discuss pricing options.


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Staff Training

We are proud to offer exceptional staff training sessions that give teachers and support staff the confidence to teach sustainability in a school setting. Contact us for more information.



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