Earth Education for Schools

Earth Education for Schools

Inspiring Sessions on Sustainability


At ecoACTIVE, we want as many young people as possible to understand the science of climate change and feel empowered to take action on it. To this end, we are offering a new suite of projects for schools.

In the current state of climate emergency, the health of our planet is reliant on us having a greater understanding of sustainability principles and the interdependence between communities and our planet. Our awareness and the action that we will take in the next years will be crucial to address the climate emergency and to implement effective adaptation strategies.

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What we offer

Our Earth Education programme comprises one-off or multiple-session projects (minimum of three workshops) on the following topics:

  • Climate Chaos
  • Sustainability in Action
  • Ethical Consumption

Session Design and Delivery

The sessions are interactive, practical and solution-focused. Once we have introduced and explored key concepts of sustainabililty, pupils are encouraged to take an active role in identifying issues and designing solutions that they can implement in their daily life in school and at home. 

Sessions are designed to develop key skills such as problem-solving, cooperation, emotional intelligence, divergent and critical thinking. 

We also promote a holistic approach to sustainability and would like pupils to become familiar with the complexity and interconnectedness of sustainability issues, while understanding their role as active citizens within a globalized context.

The themes also align with the national curriculum and hold relevance across many taught subjects suitable from EYFS to higher education. 

We are passionate about inspiring students, strengthening communities and empowering individuals to become ambassadors for change. 


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