Powerful Plastics

Powerful Plastics: What’s it all about?

Plastic, plastic everywhere, how useful you can be! Look outside the window… how many plastics can you see?

Plastic is a fantastic material with a multitude of uses, but it seems that people are not too sure what to do once they are finished with it. Read all about our Powerful Plastics project to find out how we protected the planet from plastic pollution.

EcoACTIVE joined forces with the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) to improve levels of plastic recycling across 6 North London Boroughs; Barnet, Camden, Hackney, Haringey, Islington and Waltham Forest.

Recycling helps your council by reducing the cost of waste disposal and generating materials that can be sold to manufacturers- increasing the money available for other council services. More importantly, REDUCING, REUSING & RECYCLING our plastic waste will help to protect our planet from plastic pollution.

EcoACTIVE School Support and Recycling Competition!

Selected schools took part in a Powerful Plastics challenge, in order to improve recycling levels in their wards. With the support of ecoACTIVE through staff training, lesson plans, resources and a school assembly; the school community were able to learn which plastic items can be recycled . For 3 weeks, the schools competed to become the North London plastic recycling champs! Pupils were responsible for checking the recycling, weighing it at the end of the week and sharing the results with ecoACTIVE. Results were shared on a leader board each week- and it was keenly watched to see the final results.

Get Creative… 

At ecoACTIVE, we love to get creative, so we had a go at creating our own plastic artwork! We made a turtle from old plastic bottles, bubble wrap, carrier bags, CDs and yoghurt pots.  Children met our plastic turtle at our Plastic Roadshow.

Many schools also showed us some fantastic reusing by entering artwork made from unwanted plastic into our ART COMPETITION! The winning school was announced after the project ended.  

Plastic can be a real problem for wildlife if it ends up as litter. Create your own plastic wildlife and pledge to make a cleaner, greener planet for the amazing creatures we share it with!

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