Learning at home

Stay busy, keep learning and have fun!

Schools are closed, but we know that they need to keep in touch with their pupils, and the pupils will want to keep learning. Every week, we will be adding fun content for everyone to use and setting new missions for you to complete. There will be creative activities for you to have a go at and the best bit is, they all use resources you can find at home. We’d love you to share your ideas too, so check out our social media links at the bottom of each activity (#ecoMissionComplete).

If you're lucky enough to have your own garden, you can save lives by doing these activities at home. That means other people can go out and get exercise safely. Thank you!

Your #ecoMissionComplete

What challenge have you completed today? Here at ecoACTIVE we're proud to showcase the fantastic pictures of people who have completed our missions…

Tips for reusing things when you're at home

It's not all rubbish! Even though you’re stuck at home, you can still do your bit.

Outdoor Learning - things you can discover outside

What will you make? Nobody likes being stuck inside, so we've made some activities that give you a great excuse to get out and about in nature!

Nature Hunt

What will you find? We love finding things, especially if it means we can root around outside and explore hidden places.